Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lucky with only minor damage...

 On the way back from Banff Park, we stopped for a good walk at Siffleur Falls staging area.  Walked across the suspension bridge and followed a boardwalk which had been built to protect the eroding path, but the falls themselves were too far.
Although the day remained cloudy and it drizzled off and on all day, it was still beautiful.  Fields of wildflowers blooming all along the trail.

It was full day, as so many days are vacationing.  Getting ready to head out Dale discovers that the hail storm made a hole in our bedroom roof vent lid.  He fashions a repair with silicone and a piece of plastic since duct tape refused to stick to the plastic lid.  

Checking his repair down the road, he discovers it has pulled off, along with more of the lid.  We need to replace it and find one, reasonably priced, and after a bit of work Dale is able to remove the old one and replace it.  Nothing is ever just easy, but we still feel incredibly lucky to have sustained only minor damage in the storm.   

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Hilda. Just found your blog because you listed mine (thanks!). I find it interesting that you started your blog to do " Artist's Way." That book saved my life, so to speak. I try to pick it up once a year to do a review. And here you are still blogging. I enjoyed seeing your quilts. And Banff is an amazing place. Went there when I was a kid. Hope your summer has been relaxing and creative.
best, nadia