Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I never tire of beautiful sunrises here.  I have so many pictures that I usually just forgo bundling up to step outside and take another picture, and instead just watch the unfolding color displays.

I continue to quilt, and besides these two I finished for Pat, I have gotten a few done for Dr. Kaufman.  

Some time ago, I made a barn quilt at the request of a blogger friend for her book, Build a Barn.  The barn, my attempt at translating the Round Barn at Ojo Caliente into fabric finally came back to me, so much better after being quilted by Chris Ballard.  I have finally hung it in my home. 

I used a panel for the backing on this quilt, and quilted it with a truck panto from Dave Hudson.  Pat put together the top from swapped blocks.  It's nice to have one that works for boys.

She also put this more feminine top from swapped blocks.  

Another clouds and sky picture.  Today I can't see the mountains for all the dirt blowing around.   


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Where to begin?  2016 was not a good year for me.  It was punctuated by losses...First my husband, then my father, and to top it off...a breast.  The loss of my husband was the most difficult.  Over a year later and most days I wonder if I'll ever be the same, and stop hurting...

But life goes on and I've missed the ritual of blogging.  I still chronicled my days to friends that I email daily with, but I feel like I need to get back to this long neglected blog.  

Quilting has kept me sane and having that work to do, from wallowing (too much) in my grief.  

Last week Pat and I delivered a pile of quilts to Dr. Kaufman.

My friends have kept me in tops to quilt and it's good to be busy.

Pat has been churning out the quilts since she put up a design wall.  She made a number of tops from kitty blocks, a swap we had participated in.  I was able to load these four on one backing.

Pat also made these tops.

Tove has also kept me in tops.  This one worked for a boy.  We seem to always have many more feminine tops.

 Patty E. made this great quilt. 
Having all these tops lets me do my favorite part of the process...quilting and binding.  I already have two ready for the next pile-o-quilts for Dr. Kaufman.