Monday, July 23, 2018

Hot summer

Some time ago, I took a class with Anne Ravenstone to learn punched tin.  I did learn that it is much harder than it looks.  I had a couple of vintage glass doorknobs that I had envisioned worked with weathered wood and tin for a coat rack.

After I had a garage sale, I decided to spend some of the proceeds and commissioned a coat rack from Anne.  She delivered and added a couple of vintage doorknobs of her own.  
I've followed Susan Lenz's blog for a long time.  Susan makes a case for using all our precious stuff in her video.  She has inspired me to finally incorporate a tablecloth from my paternal grandmother into a quilt.     

I didn't know my grandmother well.  I did hear the stories that she would make all seven of her children, boys and girls embroider before they could go out and play.  Some of my uncles would bury the threads in the yard.  

I decided to incorporate star blocks that online friends showered me with after Dale passed away.  I also have a bunch of doilies, many that I made myself that I would like to use in a quilt.  I have more quilts than I can use...but they at least get used instead of gathering dust put away in a box.  

Still catching up with quilts finished this year.  One from Pat...
 and one from Tove.



Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Still not caught up...

It doesn't seem like I've done all that many quilts this year until you don't blog for a whole year, and try to catch up.  

Pat cut out multiple DaChintzy mystery quilts, and this was one of them. 

She also did several jelly roll quilts.  

Tove sent me these.  They are both prolific piecers, and I can't keep up their pace with finishes. 

I gave up on curved piecing my Eclipse quilt.  I had to grow the backing for this one from Tove, also with a leftover strip she had sent.  

I'm lucky to have friends that prefer piecing!  Thanks guys! 


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bug season

I'm not a fan of insects!  Lately every time I turn around there is another one surprising me.  I shriek and swear even though there is no one around to hear me. 

There have been big moths here every year.  This year they were darker.  They are bigger than my hand, and fortunately not flying towards me.  

I had to dispatch the black widow spider.  It was at the corner of the garage up by the eaves.  I walk under there in order to hang out laundry on the clothesline.

Pat was working in a series earlier this year and made all these Hungry Caterpillar quilts.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Baby quilt

One of my (two) nephews was expecting a baby, and picked the fabrics for this quilt.

 I used the Meadowlyon owlets pantograph which although dense, is one of my favorites.  

 I also owed the couple a bed-sized quilt, and I used my go to BQ3 pattern.  They picked the very southwestern Alexander Henry print.  

I had to make some 9-inch blocks as well as the 18-inch blocks because I didn't have enough of the print.  I also put wide borders on two sides. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last Christmas quilts

Pat put together a number of Christmas quilts.  She had a lot of blocks from swaps that had been aging!  

Rosie scored some flannel snowman fabric that provided the perfect backing for a number of the quilts.  

Another of Pat's. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Still catching up with 2017

The grandboys started losing teeth last November and I made them tooth fairy pillows.  Diagram printed from an online source.  

More donation quilts from Tove.  She is a prolific piecer.  This one great for a boy, made from shirting material.
 I made a batch of lefse after Thanksgiving.  I used gold potatoes which worked great, with very few breaking. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Rare visitors

Spring has brought the "good" birds to my feeder.  The hummingbirds arrived right on cue, April 15th.  The Bullock's orioles are busy helping to empty the hummingbird feeders.

For the past week there has been 2 males and one female Western tanager.  They are such a spectacular bird.

Since blue is my favorite color, I was so happy to catch this Blue grosbeak that came for drink along with a female.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It's been so dry, and as usual birds come in just as much for water as for food. 

More quilt finishes from the past year.  Pat put these together.  


Saturday, May 05, 2018

TWO wind free days

The winds have been crazy fierce.  It's dry, dry, and we're in a severe drought.  It's wonderful to have a couple of calm days.  

And so I'm catching up on quilts finished the past year, taking a break from yard work.  Here are some more from Tove. 

I like to use solid color sheets for backing, and then do a panto that has some interest rather than just a design. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The past year...

A long hiatus, not particularly planned to be that.  One day just became another, and another, until a year has passed. 

I spent the month of May last year in Colorado helping daughter Jackie with the grandboys and getting ready to move to Nevada.  

A year's worth of quilts to catch up on.

Pat put together this top from donations from Lucille.  
 One of Pat's Da Chintzy mystery quilts started at a long ago retreat in Phoenix.  

One from Tove.

As usual skies didn't disappoint last July here in NM.  
Here's to staying more current here.  After a get together with quilting friends last week, I have about 45 tops to quilt.  I'm going to try to get three a week done--which still leaves time for yard work.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Classic cars

I quilted a T-shirt quilt for Tove for her husband.  I had used this classic cars panto once before on a Route 66 quilt.

It was great having a solid color backing to show off the cars on.

It was nice to use it again.  I always enjoy Meadowlyon designs. 

My yucca blossomed.  

This western fence lizard was posing, showing off his blue underside.