Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A couple more...

I've got a new stack with four quilts already for Dr. Kaufman.  I love this scrappy tumblers quilt which was quite large, requiring two people to hold up.

I added borders to this one to grow it a little.  Tove sent the leftover fabrics, and I had a nice print that featured writing about the seashore which worked as well.  Both of these from Tove. 

The sunrises and sunsets have been awesome.  

This beautiful sunset Lindsay captured on her phone on our drive home from Tucumcari.  We were driving west and got to enjoy the changing show for a long while. 


Monday, September 14, 2015

Starting a new stack...

I finished a couple of quilts to start a new stack for Dr. Kaufman.  Both of these made by Tove! 

These are larger quilts and will be great for some teenagers.  

I also worked on a top of my own.  I had cut these six-inch squares and started sewing triangle scraps to opposite corners.  And then since I generally lack staying power with making small blocks, abandoned it.

I came across it in my stuff and decided to finish the top.  I used adding machine tape to make a scrappy piano key border, which I had been wanting to try. 

It worked great, and then a need for a comfort quilt for a friend of Jackie's presented itself, and this found a purpose.  For backing I used this wonderful batik from IKEA, leftover from making curtains for Lindsay.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

One more...

I got one more quilt finished before we deliver 14 quilts to Dr. Kaufman tomorrow!  Another one from Tove, a pretty large one.

This fabric for the backing came from Carolyn N., I think.  It had been aging in my stash for a long while, waiting for the just the perfect quilt.

I think they work well together.  Thanks again, my friends! 

I spent some time finishing up a long abandoned project and made a scrappy paper pieced piano key border using adding machine tape.  It worked very well.  Pictures of that soon.