About Me

Where do I start...I updated my blog with a new template and now I have to create a "real" about me page rather than using the fill in the blanks form from blogger.

I'm a happily retired former OR tech, medical transcriptionist, and lastly co-owner of a small historic motel. Got my 15 minutes of fame and am happily living in the geographical center of New Mexico in anonymity.

I enjoy quilting having come to it late in my sewing and needling life. I expected my previous mastery of needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, macrame, and crochet to count for something in learning the finer points of quilting, but had to start from scratch! My friend Rosie reminds me of my famous last words..."I don't want to learn to quilt"...when she signed up for a class and wanted me to accompany her. Years later I decided I did want to learn to quilt--but not by hand. I've been careful about what I say I don't want to or will never do.

My other passion is cooking. My waistline will readily attest to the fact that I also enjoy eating.

My blogging is sporadic, and I post when the mood strikes. Visit me again...who knows, there may be something new.

I hate to have my picture taken, and since I am the boss (owner) of the camera, I seldom appear in any of them. So at the moment I'm going to attempt to take a self-portrait!