Monday, April 24, 2017

Classic cars

I quilted a T-shirt quilt for Tove for her husband.  I had used this classic cars panto once before on a Route 66 quilt.

It was great having a solid color backing to show off the cars on.

It was nice to use it again.  I always enjoy Meadowlyon designs. 

My yucca blossomed.  

This western fence lizard was posing, showing off his blue underside.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Quilt delivery

So I was able to finish nine quilts to deliver today.  Thanks to my quilting friends.  I didn't have this one tagged, so don't know who made it.  

This one is from Tove, who is back into her usual super production of quilt tops! 

I found this cute metal bunny at the Salvation Army thrift store.  He's not frightened away by my cats!

My yucca baccata is getting ready to blossom again!  The last time it blossomed was five years ago!  It's such a spectacular flower.  
 You can practically watch this flower develop.


Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sings of spring...

We had a few mornings below freezing.  I don't think the peach tree is going to blossom at all.  The apple tree is blossoming and who knows, maybe it will bear a couple apples!
I was able to walk to the post office a couple of days the past week, and yesterday I found a couple keepers.  The first is this intact little bottle, possibly from the 1970s.

I also found a little piece of Homer Laughlin (the makers of Fiesta ware) which dates to November 1932 according to this chart

My tulips didn't mind the snow and it looks like I'm going to have iris blossoms as well.  A couple of the tulip blooms broke off from the weight of snow. 

On another front, I had my interview for citizenship and passed the civics test.  Now all that remains is the oath ceremony.  I'm not much for ceremonies but doing it all on the same day proved not to be an option when the person that issues the certificates was off the day of my interview.  


Sunday, April 02, 2017

April Fools' Day blizzard

While I was busy getting a package ready to mail...I glance up to see this:

The snow came down quickly in big flakes and soon covered everything including the roads.  The path from garage to house was pretty slick.  Later in the afternoon the snow was all gone, and it rained.  Then a bit later it started snowing again and completely covered everything.  This morning it was 25 and the crusty, icy, snow was still here.  This afternoon there is once again no sign that it ever snowed yesterday.  Don't know if my lilacs can take this!

I decided to cook today.  I made bread to warm the house, though the sun is also warming things up.  I use Lynne's recipe as it consistently comes out.  I've just never figured out how to keep the top from wrinkling and then coming off the slices.   

I finished this little wool piece and sent it to Jackie.  I enjoyed working with the wool.  

I had finished these twofer quilts but hadn't gotten them bound.  Lindsay and Geoff were here for a week, and it was a busy time.  Yesterday I got them bound.  I love when I can get two quilts on one backing.  Thanks Pat.  

Another beautiful sunrise the last day of March.