Thursday, February 06, 2014

Finally some moisture!

It's a bit cold, 3 degrees this morning, but I'm not complaining since we finally got some snow.  The last measurable snowfall we had was before Christmas!  We have had some very light, corn snow that never even dampened the ground since then. 

This is so much needed moisture!  We made it to town and back yesterday--I closed my eyes on the canyon part of the drive home, but really to an experienced snow driver, Dale, it was nothing.  Now it can snow a foot, since we don't go back to town for another week, and the fridge and cupboards are well stocked.

I finished the quilting on this one last fall after Melody put it together using some Route 66 fabric I had been aging in my stash.  Our longarm guild decided not to do any more raffle fundraisers, and Melody's husband loved the quilt, so we bartered and she kept it.  I hadn't gotten a picture of the finished product.  

I was surprised that he could identify the cars from the quilting with the pantograph.  Melody's sister, Janna, made this QOV (Quilt of Valor) for Eddie, and I was happy to be able to quilt it using another Judy Lyon design, Star Banner

Meanwhile, Pat has been putting together lots of tops for Dr. Kaufman, and I have a pile-o-tops to be quilted now.  Fortunately, they are smaller and go pretty quickly, since I'm still struggling with my "despicable knee."  Need to sweep a path out to the sewing room and get busy.     

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