Monday, January 26, 2009


The baskets in the previous post were for trash pickup, which is an almost daily affair in most towns in Brazil. The baskets keep the trash out of reach of dogs, etc. My aunts were horrified when I told them that trash pickup in the U.S. was weekly!

Pat and I had our quilting get-together, and were a little less productive because of a cold she brought from Phoenix. Being the generous person she is, she shared it with me. We were able to take these three and a couple of other quilts to Dr. Kaufman. Thanks to Sue who contributed more kitty blocks, and Rosie who had the perfect bamboo fabric for the pandas. Dr. Kaufman generously gifted me with a pair of her luscious knitted mittens after I shared with her that I'm trying to learn to knit socks. I've already had occasion to use them.

As the title of this post alludes to...I've been working with wool, and got quite the production going. It is the one bit of hand sewing that doesn't seem to overwork my hands. The felted wool is soft and doesn't require too tight a hold to work into submission!