Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lots of progress...

Our sun room is going up pretty quickly.  Dale and I will be doing the interior finishing, and of course Dale will do the electrical.  It will be our fall project.  We got a great deal on the fixed pane windows for the front from Restore in Albuquerque, the Habitat for Humanity store.  
Our new entry will face east.  I'm looking forward to having more room for indoor plants.  As fast as these guys are going, we may be waiting for the entry door which we had to order. 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Starting on the sun room...

The front of our house faces south, and we wanted to take advantage of all the potential for solar gain.  We are building a sun room addition to the front.  It should be a nice spot to spend sunny winter days.  We are usually blessed with abundant sunshine here.

We decided to go with a colored cement for the floor which we plan to seal with polyurethane.  Should be more durable than painting which is what we did with my sewing room part of the garage.  

I also finished quilting another donation quilt from Yetta. As always I'm so grateful to have friends that help with my chosen cause.  Of course getting little notes and pictures helps keep me motivated...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One more

I got one more quilt done before Monday's delivery to Dr. Kaufman.  This was Judy H.'s mystery quilt which she kindly gave to our cause.  I was able to take an even half dozen, and though there was a bit of a lull of newly diagnosed diabetic kids during the summer, Dr. K. was expecting it to pick up again.

I also made a couple of "taggies" for the boys.  I'd been saving clothing tags for some time, and I hope they'll enjoy the different textures and colors.  I backed them with flannel, and didn't use batting.
I'll be heading up to Colorado a week from Friday, and I can't wait to see what they're up to now.  I couldn't wait for my babies' milestones, but now I know how fleeting that time is, and I want to savor it with grandbabies. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

One for me

So, in between finishing a number of charity quilts, I managed to get one done for us.  After our last trip with the camper it became evident that the quilt that's been on the queen bed for a while, didn't really cover two people simultaneously. Most of the time it's not a problem because I'm frequently too warm for any covers--a definite shift from my youth.

While I was at BCI, I was able to get a new top done from a friend's borrowed BQ3 pattern.  It's a great pattern for prints that you don't want to cut up, and can showcase the fabric.  It's going to be an improvement, and the smaller quilt can be for the couch in the camper which opens up into a double bed.

The next quilt comes with a warning.  Stand back.  It's best viewed from a you have a horse you can gallop by as you look at it?  I used to be less afraid to do free motion (not a pantograph) quilting when I was newer at this.  Now I seem to prefer pantos all the time.  But I gave myself permission to just go for it on this little quilt, which I put together from orphan blocks from Chris' stash.  I suppose if I don't get more practice, I'm never going to feel confident in my ability to do anything except pantographs.  Just don't look too closely, I sure don't need to anyone to point out the imperfections...I bet I can find more than anyone else, but maybe it'll just cheer up a child's hospital stay...