Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mango Man

I get up early, usually very early, like between 4 and 5. Once I'm awake, and it's morning, I seldom fall back to sleep, and so rather than toss and turn, thinking about doing stuff, I get up and do it. Usually though, that doing is sitting in front of a computer, responding to email and checking in on a variety of blogs. That all leads to an early, early breakfast, and lately I've been heading out to the sewing room after a couple of hours.

My husband, who enjoys sleeping in and getting up at a more reasonable hour, has his breakfast later. While my breakfast is the usual coffee with manually frothed milk and a slice of toast with peanut butter, his is hot cereal, which I find rather repulsive. My daughters both love hot cereal since he used to fix it for them. I'm not opposed to cooking it, just eating it, and there are a lot of foods that fall in that category like applesauce and canned peaches and pears. (Yuck--he likes the soft Bartlett pears.)

Lately his morning cereal has featured fresh mango, and since they've been large he has shared some with me, bringing it out to the sewing room. All he needs is a cape, and he'll be a real super hero. In my book anyway. What could be more super than a man serving me mango in a Fiesta bowl with a lime slice for garnish?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lucky You!

My older daughter's fiance gave me lots of labels from his clothing, Lucky Brand, which inspired me to make some things. I made some coasters--which he covets and doesn't use for fear they'll get ruined! Silly boy!

The new love stamps gave me an idea for a wall hanging. They are decorating their bedroom in "primitive" style fortunately for me...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Plum Jam

We got home and were surprised at the ripe plums on our little plum tree. It's really quite productive for not being more than a bush.

I picked all the fruit and it was just enough for a batch of plum jam. I tasted one---yuck! Most definitely better suited to jam rather than eating. I'm hoping to score some apples and peaches in the coming month.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Wyoming rocks...

We had a wonderful camping vacation. My cortisone shot in my knee enabled me to hike and enjoy it, lasting just long enough. It's worn off now and I'm on the queue for a total knee replacement. It should be sometime after December. Picture at right is actually in the Dolores River Canyon in Colorado on our way home.

Our close encounter with a bighorn sheep, which liked to hang out in the campground and walked through our campsite. I was a little concerned that he would knock over our solar panels. Found out later that they had a pair of sheep that liked to hang out in the campground and they relocated them, but one managed to return. I was respectful of his wildness, and didn't get too close. We enjoyed cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery.