Monday, September 24, 2012

Fabric Bomb?

Somehow I had the brilliant idea to use scraps.  I had two boxes full of all kinds of scraps.  I also have a plastic cart with drawers with more organized, color sorted scraps.  These two boxes were just the odds and ends, leftovers from quilt making, and clearing off of surfaces before Pat came so that we could work.

 It looks like a scrap bomb went off in the sewing room.  I have a couple of quilts ready to quilt, but until I clean up this mess, that isn't happening.  You can see that a long arm table comes in very handy for spreading stuff out on.

My quilt inspector was in heaven napping in this pile of stuff.  The weather is cooler and she enjoys her time indoors.  She spent the entire day napping here.  I finally had to put her outside when I was done for the day--she showed no signs of wanting to leave.

I have made some progress, but the piles don't seem to be diminishing much.  I'm thinking I need to put a time limit on this scrap excursion, cleanup, and leave some for seeding the next time I feel inspired to work with scraps.   That will probably only happen when I can no longer contain the exploding box of scraps!


Friday, September 14, 2012

A quick finish

Pat had left this little quilt top here from her last visit.  I was planning to finish it and give it back to her for her birthday.  
Instead she was asked for a donation for Friends of the Orphans auction, and since she didn't have anything else ready--I finished this for her.
It was a pretty quick finish even with hand stitching the binding to the back.  Not my usual method of binding but it was the perfect way to spend yesterday afternoon, watching TV while it continued to rain.  Two day total rainfall was 2.2 inches!  We sure needed this moisture.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We did it again...

I was able to deliver eight quilts to Dr. Kaufman today.  This was the last one I finished yesterday from blocks Yetta gave me.  I had a tough time picking borders to go with it--my stash doesn't have much 30s to work with.  It's so nice to have ready made blocks to work with.

 I put this top together from leftovers from a quilt Pat made when she was here last.  I also used leftover fabric from my nephew's quilt.

I used a sheet that Pat sent for backing and had enough left to do this small panel quilt.  Nice to get another "twofer."  

Finally!  We got rain today.  We were gone to Albuquerque all day, but had over an inch in the rain gauge, and there are puddles all over.  We really needed it.  We picked the peaches off our tree, and they are wonderful!  

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Where's the pot-o-gold?

I think the spectacle is itself the reward.  We had the most gorgeous, complete rainbow with a bit of a second one as well.  I used "stitch" feature on my camera to get it all.  I could have done a better job of photographing the individual parts...but I kept thinking it would be gone before I got it done.  

This little guy was on a beam above the picnic table shelter where we stopped for lunch on the way home from Colorado.  I think it's the tiniest bat I've ever seen, and I had Dale hold up the dandelion for size comparison--it's a rather normal, smallish dandelion head. 
 On the home front, we got the peaches we bought on the way home all dealt with. They were rather bruised and battered and a lot more work than usual.  We're waiting for the five peaches on our tree to ripen perfectly. 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

A weekend getaway

We spent the long weekend in Colorado.  The grandboys are growing so fast and ever more aware.  They love Caillou--which I wasn't at all familiar with--and will stand transfixed in front of the TV while it's on.  

Of course as soon as they realized I was taking pictures they were ready to pose!

 I took the finished quilt for my nephew so that I could take a picture on a king size bed.  Jackie has a new comforter on her bed now...changing to black and white decor. 
 I've been collecting black & white fabrics for quite a while now, and will have to make her another quilt.  Hers won't have to be 120" square...since this one was way bigger than necessary for their bed with the frame.
It was a great weekend with lots of cooking, outings for thrift shopping, and spending time with the kids.