Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas stockings

Jackie let me know rather late that she didn't have Christmas stockings for the boys!  She had seen some at Pottery Barn, and so I set about making them before we left for Christmas in Colorado.

I got one done for each of the boys, but not for their parents! 

She gave us a Keurig coffee maker and I'm enjoying making single cups of coffee just for me.  

Lindsay got a picture of her fobot.  I'm starting to collect more "stuff" since Justin decided that he would like a new tradition--a fobot every Christmas!! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another fobot

Dale and I have been working together on fobots.  Forgot to photograph one before wrapping it up, so that one will have to wait until after Christmas.  

Our latest creation is this one, going out shopping!  It was a lot of fun helping it evolve. 

Here is Mrs. Hall taking little Thyme (Pat's fobot) out for a shopping spree.  The missing one could easily be the Papabot.
Sunday, I finally got tortellinis made.  We'll have them Christmas eve.  I thought the spinach gave them a nice green Christmas color. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter blows in

Winter arrived with snow yeterday.  Big huge flakes fell that clumped together.  The wind blew, then the snow changed to little corn snow.

The clouds moved off before the sun completely set, just in time for a sliver of moon again.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilts delivered

I finished up these quilts and we delivered them to Dr. Kaufman yesterday, probably the last for this year.

This is the last one of the quilts that Pat put together when she was here.  The twin sheet that was a perfect color for backing turned out not to be wide enough, but I found another that had small purple flower print for backing instead.  

I put this snowmen BQ3 together quickly over the weekend.  I think the most time consuming part is cutting it out.

Had the perfect backing flannel for it!  Looks like we might be in for more snow tomorrow.  Let it snow, indeed.  We can certainly use the moisture.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quilts and a sunrise...

We finally got some much needed moisture!  Fortunately it came after Lindsay had gone back home to Albuquerque.  She finished another top for a friend.  We sure love the BQ3 pattern.
I did the faux piping binding that I blogged about here.  Unfortunately the tutorial for this is gone as it is now featured in a magazine article.  I still had the sizes so it was easy to recreate it.  I think it added a little to the quilt, since we had no additional fabric for borders.
I also finished the boys' quilts.  Similar but not exactly the same.  I wanted to use some of my Laurel Burch stash for quilts for them.  
I had the perfect, bright, colorful binding in the binding stash.  Thanks Pat, for keeping me stocked with a variety of bindings.
Got this row quilt that Pat had put together from leftovers done as well.  
 And the morning sunrise spectacles continue.  Yesterday I caught the tiniest, sliver of a moon and Venus above it in the early morning sky.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A parade of sunrises

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I posted.  We spent Thanksgiving in Colorado and it was great to have the whole family together! 

The boys are growing up and are no longer babies.  They provided a lot of entertainment over the long weekend with their antics.  So much to be thankful for.  

 The sunrises in Colorado didn't disappoint.  Pikes Peak in the background shadow from the kids' balcony.

Back home it's a daily display of color in the early morning.  Not so early since I've been routinely waking up way before dawn.

 I caught a star, or more likely a planet still bright in the sky.
 Every morning it's another spectacle.  We've had a quite a few sunsets worthy of photos too, but I don't seem to get out to photograph them.  I just enjoy them unfolding.  They are frequently short-lived as are the sunrises.

I fought the temptation to touch up these photos.  They never seem as awesome as the real thing.   

Cranes continue fly over, back and forth.  They are so graceful.  Sometimes they fly fairly low right over the house, but I've yet to capture them when they do.  It seems like this is the first year since we've been here that they've stayed in the area this long.