Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quilts and a sunrise...

We finally got some much needed moisture!  Fortunately it came after Lindsay had gone back home to Albuquerque.  She finished another top for a friend.  We sure love the BQ3 pattern.
I did the faux piping binding that I blogged about here.  Unfortunately the tutorial for this is gone as it is now featured in a magazine article.  I still had the sizes so it was easy to recreate it.  I think it added a little to the quilt, since we had no additional fabric for borders.
I also finished the boys' quilts.  Similar but not exactly the same.  I wanted to use some of my Laurel Burch stash for quilts for them.  
I had the perfect, bright, colorful binding in the binding stash.  Thanks Pat, for keeping me stocked with a variety of bindings.
Got this row quilt that Pat had put together from leftovers done as well.  
 And the morning sunrise spectacles continue.  Yesterday I caught the tiniest, sliver of a moon and Venus above it in the early morning sky.

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sophie said...

I have always admired your sunrise/sunset photos... who knew I'd end up getting to enjoy NM sunrises and sunsets myself.

It looks like you've been quilting up a storm.