Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tme lapse?

The yucca flower is growing so quickly we don't need time lapse photography.  You can practically stand there and watch it change.

 We noticed the flower stalk kind of followed the sun, and was pointing west at the end of the day.  Yesterday evening it began opening flowers. 

This morning the flowers have opened even more and they are really rather dazzling for our dry, arid climate. 

Spring has also brought out the invasion of the Miller moths.  Seems our milder winter has made their migration earlier, and they are plentiful.  I'm happy to have enticed wild birds with regular feeding that like to eat moths as well!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Utility sewing

Our sun room is done, done.  Dale tiled the window sills.  We had some leftover blue tiles and a bit of turquoise, from previous projects.  

I sewed covers for the window blockers.  We use two-inch rigid foam insulation to block our windows, covered with fabric.  The first few I covered, I used quilted fabric, but found it really isn't necessary and we don't need the extra bulk.  Dale has been trimming the blockers as each part of the finishing process moved along.  Now that the sills were done, I could make the covers.  

 I had intended to do fabric art for the large south facing glass.  Getting the foam covered became more important as it kept "bleeding" styrofoam, and artful covers are on the back burner.  Function sometimes takes precedence.  
You won't be seeing the covers for the tall windows--I have one more to do, and hopefully it will go better than the last three.  I've just really been making do with what I had to work with.  We are really able to control our indoor temperatures blocking the windows at night during the winter, and part of the day during the summer.  Even though the sun room wasn't completely finished it provided most of our daytime heat during this past winter!

Our yucca baccata is going to flower this year.  It's amazing watching this flower coming up.  I was pulling dead leaves and weeds carefully from the base of this plant, and accidentally leaned my head into one of the "leaves," and can attest to its sharp point!  Ouch!  I came inside bleeding!    

Friday, April 13, 2012

Quilts delivered

We went to town yesterday and had another good day.  I was able to get four quilts done to deliver along with Dr. Kaufman's granddaughter's quilt, which I only did the quilting and binding for.

Pat made this great BQ3 with the same fabric she sent to me a while back as a "challenge."  There was enough of it left to use as a border for a pillowcase to go with the quilt. 

I put this top together at the retreat in Phoenix, and then added the borders this past week.  I think the blocks were from Yetta, via Sharon.  As always, great to have friends help with this cause.  My friends ROCK!
 Looks like it's going to cool off this weekend.  Perfect weather for staying indoors and getting going on the next batch of quilts.  Found out that this quilt is going to be raffled off for a service dog for diabetic child.  Thanks Lucille!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

A couple more done.

I haven't been as productive with the quilts for Dr. Kaufman, but I managed to get a couple finished this past week.

Pat made this BQ3.  It's such a great pattern!  

I also finished this scrappy quilt, which was a bit of work, but I like the look now that it's done.  Would I do another...probably not.
The backing was just a little short so I added a couple of strips to widen it.  I used Grizzly Paws pantograph by Dave Hudson, which like most of his patterns, flowed nicely.  Since it was a scrappy quilt, it benefited from some scrappy binding.