Friday, April 20, 2012

Utility sewing

Our sun room is done, done.  Dale tiled the window sills.  We had some leftover blue tiles and a bit of turquoise, from previous projects.  

I sewed covers for the window blockers.  We use two-inch rigid foam insulation to block our windows, covered with fabric.  The first few I covered, I used quilted fabric, but found it really isn't necessary and we don't need the extra bulk.  Dale has been trimming the blockers as each part of the finishing process moved along.  Now that the sills were done, I could make the covers.  

 I had intended to do fabric art for the large south facing glass.  Getting the foam covered became more important as it kept "bleeding" styrofoam, and artful covers are on the back burner.  Function sometimes takes precedence.  
You won't be seeing the covers for the tall windows--I have one more to do, and hopefully it will go better than the last three.  I've just really been making do with what I had to work with.  We are really able to control our indoor temperatures blocking the windows at night during the winter, and part of the day during the summer.  Even though the sun room wasn't completely finished it provided most of our daytime heat during this past winter!

Our yucca baccata is going to flower this year.  It's amazing watching this flower coming up.  I was pulling dead leaves and weeds carefully from the base of this plant, and accidentally leaned my head into one of the "leaves," and can attest to its sharp point!  Ouch!  I came inside bleeding!    

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Kat said...

Beautiful tiling by Dale, and lovely window covers by you!