Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Girl Trip to Colorado

Well, if I waited a few more days I could make it an even four months since I last posted anything to this long forgotten blog! I can't believe it's been that long. The summer is getting away from me.

So, my BFF Rosie and I are on a girl trip to Colorado, staying with Jackie at her new digs with a wonderful view of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak in particular. The weather has been beautiful, and there is never a dull moment watching the clouds and light playing over the mountains. The photo credit belongs to Rosie. While I have my camera with me, I haven't taken many pictures. Hers is always at the ready.
The days have been filled with lots of thrift store shopping, good food, and today I spent some time (and money) at a fabric store.
The last few months have been busy. Besides nursing a bum knee, I've gotten my long-arm machine and am just getting into it. We also got broadband access at home, so maybe I'll be better about updating this blog, though I won't make any promises.