Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This quilt had been up on my design wall since before I went to the retreat in February.  I do like the looks of it, but would probably not do another.  I don't love to piece, and this has to be be cut out in its entirety and then assembled in strips.  It was a tedious process and I'm glad to be done with it.  I'm hoping I win something on Festival of Scrappiness!  Lots of good ideas for using scraps.

Now I need to finish enough blocks to make this into a quilt top.  It's been on the design wall, let's see, since October when Pat last visited?  
  We picked up this little cabinet for the sun room.  It was just too hard to pass up at Savers on senior discount day--30% off.  We are now shopping for a some kind of sleeper sofa that will fit, since the space could double as another place to house guests.
Seems like spring is here to stay.  We've had warm, sunny, though windy, days.  A gorgeous sunrise Sunday morning. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving in!

We finally are moving things into the sun room.  March winds have arrived with a vengeance, and I haven't gotten my plants repotted and ready for the sun room.  But I did quilt some decorator fabric and make a new cushion for the bamboo chair we found in a thrift shop in Colorado Springs. 
The chair itself was in surprisingly good shape owing, I think, to the incredibly ugly cushion it was sporting--crumbling Herculon fabric.  Blech!  I kept the cushion only to use as a pattern for the new one. 

The stove is an antique which fortunately comes apart in many pieces which is how it's managed to accompany us through all our moves.  We've never vented or had a fire in it, but it makes a great place to put plants.  We need new speakers which will get mounted on the wall instead of sitting on the old stove.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delivery day!

I was able to finish up one more quilt.  Yetta made this beauty, which is nice and long and will be good for a teenager, I think.  
 Thanks to a little help lot of help from my friends, I have this nice stack-o-quilts to deliver today. 
 Our weather has been just gorgeous, warmer days with little wind.  We'll have to get busy and start moving stuff into the sun room tomorrow after spending the day in town today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fronts and backs

I got two more quilts finished and ready to deliver, but still had enough time to load one more on the longarm and I'll finish it today.

Dee put this top together at retreat.  Some people are all about productivity, not so much.  She is a master of the "I Spy" novelty quilts, and fortunately for me, also generous.  
I used some Tony Hawk fabric for the back, which was just a bit shy of the width of the quilt, but I added some stripes to make it work.  It's nice to have a more boy friendly quilt.

Pat has been cranking out the BQ3s.  This one was with a focus fabric featuring kitties. I used my new Jig Saw pantograph from Dave Hudson.  It's an easy one that flows and I think I'll use it a lot for kid quilts.
   Pat also had the perfect backing with this print of kitty words.
 I still have two more BQ3s from Pat, but will be taking a bit of break from donation quilts to get some sewing and quilting done for the new room.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What the heck?!

I was filling a bobbin with invisible thread (monofilament poly) and when I was done, I heard a pop.  The top part of the bobbin blew off!  That's a new one.  This was the result:
 I tried to salvage the thread...thinking I could just rewind it onto another bobbin, but it wasn't happening and instead tangling into a mess.  And of course I haven't thrown it away thinking it has some art potential!

I finished another couple of quilts, and am on target to have six by Wednesday.  This is the appliqued top from Sherry.  I used So Fine on top and this is my first time, as far as I can remember, using it.  I can see why some professionals use it so much.  Although I quilted pretty densely, it is a light thread and didn't make the little quilt stiff.  Added a lot of texture without overpowering the applique.  
 I didn't notice until I took a close-up picture that the little clover block lost it's brown center in the wash.  I used fusible and machine stitched another center for it.  

Pat M. had given this to us a while back, and I got it finished up.  It's such a bright, cheerful quilt!  Thanks friends for all the help!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Close to moving in...

Dale sealed the sun room floor, and today he put up the baseboards--although they are not boards but vinyl.  We got a stash of these at a Habitat for Humanity store, and they have been especially good for our irregular adobe walls.  They follow the contours very well.  We would be moving in were it not for the smell of the floor sealer.
After working with the Baptist Fan boards, I needed a change and decided to freehand this small piece that Yetta, one of the retreat attendees gave me.  It was very well pieced by hand, and she had acquired it in the Midwest somewhere.  Nice to get it finished.  
 As usual the hardest part was how to fill in all the space.  I need a class in what to do where.  
 It was good practice as now I've loaded a small quilt with appliqued blocks.  The swapped blocks were given to me by Sherry, a new retreat attendee, to put together for our cause.  I had to take a picture of the back of this applique block. 
These are the most perfect hand stitches I've ever seen, so exact, and if it weren't for the buried thread tails they would easily be mistaken for machine stitching.
Of course I'm struggling with how to quilt the whole thing, and I'll be happy to go back to my pantographs for the next quilts!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Beautiful bag!

Becky at the retreat in Phoenix had a beautiful bag that her mom had made her using a charm pack of squares.  I wanted a pattern, but Karen had just made it up.  I found a wonderful bag of decorator samples that someone was getting rid of at the retreat, and Karen made this awesome bag for me with the fabrics!  It is wonderfully constructed and a perfect size for me.

I haven't gotten too much done on the quilting front since I returned from retreat.  We spent the weekend putting up the ceiling tin in the sun room.  It's done now, and Dale is getting ready to seal the cement floor, the final step before we can move in! 
 I did manage one finish though, and that was a generous queen size quilt that Lucille donated.  I used QuiltEZ boards to quilt a Baptist fan design on it.  I'm not in love with that process.  I find pantographs much easier to use.  The quilt turned out nice though, and I'm sure after washing my all too visible errors will be lost in the overall texture.  Don't know if I'm really up to trying the boards on another quilt.