Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fronts and backs

I got two more quilts finished and ready to deliver, but still had enough time to load one more on the longarm and I'll finish it today.

Dee put this top together at retreat.  Some people are all about productivity there...me, not so much.  She is a master of the "I Spy" novelty quilts, and fortunately for me, also generous.  
I used some Tony Hawk fabric for the back, which was just a bit shy of the width of the quilt, but I added some stripes to make it work.  It's nice to have a more boy friendly quilt.

Pat has been cranking out the BQ3s.  This one was with a focus fabric featuring kitties. I used my new Jig Saw pantograph from Dave Hudson.  It's an easy one that flows and I think I'll use it a lot for kid quilts.
   Pat also had the perfect backing with this print of kitty words.
 I still have two more BQ3s from Pat, but will be taking a bit of break from donation quilts to get some sewing and quilting done for the new room.

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