Thursday, March 01, 2012

Beautiful bag!

Becky at the retreat in Phoenix had a beautiful bag that her mom had made her using a charm pack of squares.  I wanted a pattern, but Karen had just made it up.  I found a wonderful bag of decorator samples that someone was getting rid of at the retreat, and Karen made this awesome bag for me with the fabrics!  It is wonderfully constructed and a perfect size for me.

I haven't gotten too much done on the quilting front since I returned from retreat.  We spent the weekend putting up the ceiling tin in the sun room.  It's done now, and Dale is getting ready to seal the cement floor, the final step before we can move in! 
 I did manage one finish though, and that was a generous queen size quilt that Lucille donated.  I used QuiltEZ boards to quilt a Baptist fan design on it.  I'm not in love with that process.  I find pantographs much easier to use.  The quilt turned out nice though, and I'm sure after washing my all too visible errors will be lost in the overall texture.  Don't know if I'm really up to trying the boards on another quilt.

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Pat/SWquilter said...

I think the Baptist fan quilt looks wonderful - and if it hadn't been washed yet, it will probably only improve once that is done.