Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This quilt had been up on my design wall since before I went to the retreat in February.  I do like the looks of it, but would probably not do another.  I don't love to piece, and this has to be be cut out in its entirety and then assembled in strips.  It was a tedious process and I'm glad to be done with it.  I'm hoping I win something on Festival of Scrappiness!  Lots of good ideas for using scraps.

Now I need to finish enough blocks to make this into a quilt top.  It's been on the design wall, let's see, since October when Pat last visited?  
  We picked up this little cabinet for the sun room.  It was just too hard to pass up at Savers on senior discount day--30% off.  We are now shopping for a some kind of sleeper sofa that will fit, since the space could double as another place to house guests.
Seems like spring is here to stay.  We've had warm, sunny, though windy, days.  A gorgeous sunrise Sunday morning. 

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Rachel Hauser said...

I can see how assembling in strips would be tedious. But congrats on the finish!