Monday, April 15, 2013

Where has the month gone...

Time has really gotten away from me and I haven't done much but seemed busy nonetheless.  Spring has arrived with lots of wind here, and a couple of nights below freezing, shortly after the peach tree blossomed.

The blossoms seem to have survived, and maybe we'll have a crop of peaches after all.  Last year we got six whole peaches!  Our little apple tree also has blossoms which have yet to open--and we wonder what type of apple it might have.  We've never gotten any fruit from it.

I put this top together from a little pre-cut kit someone gave me at the retreat.  I'm hoping it gets me in the mood to be productive again.  I just noticed the colors seem to mirror the picture of the blossoming tree in the photo above!  I've spent most of my time cleaning up and rearranging in the sewing room. 

Our irises are getting ready to bloom.  So glad we moved them to the protected, east side of the house when we built the sun room.  Even with regular watering they used to get really beat up in the hellacious spring winds we get here.