Sunday, April 05, 2009

Windy, windy, windy

The wind has been blowing for the better part of a week--seems even longer. It's wearing thin. Tomorrow we're going to town. Thanks to the generosity and help of friends, I have another five quilts to take to Dr. Kaufman. I also finished a couple of baby quilts for gifts. This is another quilt top from Sophie, to which I added borders. I decided to go with more girly colors since the previous one was predominantly blues. I also have a stack of I Spy squares to make up into more quilts.

The blocks in this quilt were from Tonya's "fungly challenge" which seemed rather hideous and destined to become a UFO. With help at the retreat in Phoenix, I was able to put them together into a bright, not too hideous child's quilt, and I did give it a milder back, so that it could be loved at least one one side! I still have quite a few of the fungly blocks left--enough to make another quilt. Some of my blocks had little contrast. I was trying to make the fabrics play nicely which was a mistake, so they may not find a home.

Seems I was a bit premature with my assessment of the peach tree. Since not all of the blossoms had opened, it seems like it's trying hard to keep the remaining blossoms from freezing. It's been tough, and now only time will tell if we get any fruit. I'm ready for spring.