Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long time

It appears I've fallen way out of the habit of blogging.  The longer it goes on, the less I feel like picking it up again.  

I haven't been idle, and the spring and summer flew by. 

I finally delivered another batch of a dozen quilts to Dr. Kaufman.  She was most pleased to get them, as they were out.   

Pat put together these five tops from blocks given to us and won at the AZ retreat.  I was able to just load them sideways on a large backing and quilt them consecutively.  A lot of bang for the buck.

As always it's only possible with the help of friends.  Rosie found this top at a thrift store.  I use these quilts to try out new pantographs.  

 Patty brought me this top on her stopover here, going back home to Oklahoma from Arizona.
 This celestial fabric really complemented this top from Yetta.  I also had a planetary fabric for the backing and this Rings of Saturn panto from Dave Hudson.

 Nyla gave us this beauty, which was just about twin size.  I still have another wonderful quilt top from Nyla, but it's going to need custom quilting.
 New retreat attendee, Tove, gave us this quilt top, and Pat added some borders to it.  Tove and I are birthday twins! 
 This was another great top from Yetta.  She was practicing "crumb" blocks.  Thanks again to all my friends for your generosity.  I so enjoy the quilting and binding  process more than the piecing.  I'd never be able to get so many tops delivered to Dr. Kaufman for newly diagnosed diabetic kids, without your help.

I also quilted this little top I had put together from pre-cut parts that someone gave us at retreat.  (So I am capable of piecing--I have a black & white king size quilt for daughter Jackie that just needs borders as well.)

Meanwhile Pat will soon be moving to NM permanently.  It's been fun helping her get her house ready for the move.