Thursday, June 26, 2014

Since delivery...

In the past week, I've finished two quilts to start a new batch for Dr. Kaufman.  Both of these were made by Patty E. and are nice bigger quilts great for teenagers.

I also picked up a project I had started some time ago...

A cover for my sewing machine.  I quilted it all on the domestic machine, and it really didn't take long to get it done.  

I finally have started on our summer quilt using my Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I saw a pattern on Quilt Inspiration blog that caught my eye and I'm trying to recreate it.  Since I don't really love complex piecing, a four-patch block seemed right up my alley.

We also fostered these three sweet dogs that showed up at our place, a momma, and two puppies.  We don't have a fenced yard or these might have become permanent residents.  They just showed up out of the blue, drinking out of the bird water.  We took them to the animal shelter and hope they'll be adopted quickly.

I also finally started and finished Pat's Christmas present.  I was just waiting for inspiration and after a false start, I restarted and got it done.  No pictures since I'm going to surprise her with it tomorrow.      


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A baker's dozen

I finished a couple more quilts bringing the total up to a baker's dozen.  This one is from Patty E.  

 I still have four more tops that she gave me to finish up.  Thanks again, Patty.

This top was in the stuff Dr. Kaufman gave me, along with extra Cat in the Hat fabric, and the red used.  I added the borders, and used the red for binding.

I used flannel for the backing.  

I also finished a quilt for Pat, that we found when going through her stash.  I have a few more of hers to finish as well.

Pat and I delivering quilts tomorrow.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A few more...

Last time Pat and I delivered quilts to Dr. Kaufman, she passed along some quilt tops and partially finished quilts that she had been given.

The nine patch blocks were all made and the pieces parts were there for me to finish this one.  
I had this fall scarecrow fabric in the stash that worked with the top.

These two tops were done, and didn't require finishing, just quilting and binding.  They were a bit challenging to square up given the variety and stretchiness of the fabrics used.

I backed them with flannel leftovers.  I'm hoping some little kid will be thrilled.  I still have another top that needs to be grown with some borders.  We have enough to deliver a nice batch soon.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

This past week...

A week ago last Sunday, Pat came over and finished a BQ3 top for her goddaughter.  She was headed to Austin for the graduation celebration and I pushed her to get it done so I could get it quilted.  I finished it and delivered it on Wednesday--but didn't get a picture of the finished quilt before it left for with Pat for Austin.
I suspended working on this one to do the BQ3.  Pat made this one some time ago, had it sandwiched, and had done some quilting in the ditch.  I decided to practice my freehand work, and did pebbles in all the circular parts.  

I filled the rest of the areas with feathers.  I also used all kinds of partially filled bobbins to empty them out.  The backing is a heavier weight home decorator fabric and I thought it would make a good car quilt.  This gave me enough license to practice without worrying too much about perfection.

After finishing Pat's car quilt, I loaded another quilt for Dr. Kaufman and tried one of my new pantos from Judy Lyon.

It worked great on this quilt, sort of echoing the pattern of the backing fabric.  

I also had enough of this black and white and black faux piping binding I used on Jackie's king quilt to get this one bound.