Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving in!

We finally are moving things into the sun room.  March winds have arrived with a vengeance, and I haven't gotten my plants repotted and ready for the sun room.  But I did quilt some decorator fabric and make a new cushion for the bamboo chair we found in a thrift shop in Colorado Springs. 
The chair itself was in surprisingly good shape owing, I think, to the incredibly ugly cushion it was sporting--crumbling Herculon fabric.  Blech!  I kept the cushion only to use as a pattern for the new one. 

The stove is an antique which fortunately comes apart in many pieces which is how it's managed to accompany us through all our moves.  We've never vented or had a fire in it, but it makes a great place to put plants.  We need new speakers which will get mounted on the wall instead of sitting on the old stove.

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