Saturday, March 10, 2012

What the heck?!

I was filling a bobbin with invisible thread (monofilament poly) and when I was done, I heard a pop.  The top part of the bobbin blew off!  That's a new one.  This was the result:
 I tried to salvage the thread...thinking I could just rewind it onto another bobbin, but it wasn't happening and instead tangling into a mess.  And of course I haven't thrown it away thinking it has some art potential!

I finished another couple of quilts, and am on target to have six by Wednesday.  This is the appliqued top from Sherry.  I used So Fine on top and this is my first time, as far as I can remember, using it.  I can see why some professionals use it so much.  Although I quilted pretty densely, it is a light thread and didn't make the little quilt stiff.  Added a lot of texture without overpowering the applique.  
 I didn't notice until I took a close-up picture that the little clover block lost it's brown center in the wash.  I used fusible and machine stitched another center for it.  

Pat M. had given this to us a while back, and I got it finished up.  It's such a bright, cheerful quilt!  Thanks friends for all the help!

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Pat Moore said...

I had totally forgotten what that quilt top looked like! My boss's daughter's favorite colors are green and blue, so I used up a little more of my stash to make her quilt. I'll try to post some pics on VOS.