Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glaciers, mountains, and bears, oh my...

We left our campsite at Crimson Lake and headed to Banff.  It was a gray, rainy, and drizzly day off and on.  It was about 130 miles to the Icefield Centre, along a scenic two lane highway.  
We drove alongside Abraham Lake, which was a beautiful milky turquoise color.  I've since learned it's due to rock flour or glacial flour.  My pictures need some touching up to make them more true to color.

A bit past this lake we came upon two bears playing alongside the road.  I made Dale turn around and I managed to snap a picture of this one before he retreated into the woods along with his buddy.
 Banff Park was expectedly congested with sightseers.  There were many bicycle riders, which made driving on the narrow two-lane road challenging.  We were so happy not to be towing the camper behind us.  Dale drove up to the Icefield Centre, while I ogled the scenery, and I drove back while he did the same. 

 A milky turquoise river from a high vantage point.  There were so many patches of wild flowers, Indian paintbrush, clover, and many more I'm not familiar with.  I took many pictures of wildflowers and want to do some fabric art in the style of Monika Whalen of My Sweet Prairie blog.

We also saw a fox on the way back but was it was too quick to get a good picture. 

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