Monday, July 23, 2012


Unfortunately, the place we wanted to stay, Pembina Provincial Park, was all booked up as we headed up to Edmonton.  We were fortunate to find a great, full services park in Leduc, just twenty minutes from the big city with lots of amenities.  

Dale spent Friday and Sunday at the race venue.  There were other races besides the Indy car race on Sunday.  Saturday we went to town and took in Muttart Conservatory.  A perfect place for intermittent rainy weather.  

The RV park operated by the Lions in Leduc was wonderful.  There was a multi-use path that went from the park around a lake, and beyond.  Lots of good birding, and raspberries and Saskatoon berries growing along the path.  

I had intentions of picking enough berries to freeze and take home for making jam, but the mosquitoes had other ideas!  I got enough to just cook down and make some berry marbled pancakes.  Had never tried Saskatoon berries--I thought they were choke cherries, but they were more similar to blueberries with a slightly more tart flavor.  
 We were treated to a beautiful sunset our last evening in Leduc, which belied the saying about red sky at night, sailor's delight, unless sailors like rainy weather which is what was coming our way.

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