Friday, July 06, 2012

A couple more of Pat's quilts...

Pat is a production she can turn them out!  I labor a lot longer making tops, and really prefer the quilting and binding process.  We make a good team.

 This cowboy boot quilt is for her niece who is expecting a baby boy.  We found the perfect backing for it in the stash, which just fit with the addition of borders.  There was not much room to spare on the sides, but I'm used to working with backings not much bigger than the top. 
 This BQ3 is for Pat's sister's grandson.  She also put another, larger, BQ3 together which I'm working on now.  I'm doing this dragon pantograph, and I may have second thoughts about letting it go, though Pat did make it for donation.  I do have a collection of oriental fabrics that I could put together and use this panto on.
She's leaving tomorrow.  I can't wait until she retires and moves to Willard!  Then we won't have to be in such rush!

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