Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last of Pat's...

Pat put this BQ3 pattern top together while she was here.  (She took another three tops home with her to finish, nine patch pizzazz blocks with ballerina fabric.)

I seriously wanted to keep this one.  The pantograph came out nice, and I had to remind myself that I have a lot of Asian prints that I can make into quilts and use this panto on.  

Found a perfect fabric for binding, and I have enough of the fabrics that Pat got to make the opposite of this quilt--exchanging the big and small squares--for another quilt.

I finally remembered to take my camera and binoculars with this time, and though we were busy talking and forgot on the way to town...we remembered on the way home.  The Swainson's hawk baby has grown a lot the past couple of weeks.  There is only one chick in the nest.  

The funny thing is the Kingbird which appears to have a nest just below the hawk nest.  I couldn't tell whether there was viable chicks in that nest...or perhaps the Swainson parent thought it was just too convenient a snack?   

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Pat/SWquilter said...

Four tops from ballerina fabric - three that used portions of the panel I bought and one from all the leftover 9-patchs. It was a PITA piecing all those 9-patches, but once that was done, a lot of tops went together pretty quickly.