Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration, work, etc.

I've been reading a lot of great stuff on blogs...leading me here there, and trying to come up with a commitment for doing some sort of art daily, weekly, or monthly.  I was awed again this morning with an awesome sunrise.

This was the spectacle as I stepped out the back door.  Thankfully the snow is finally gone and at sunrise everything is nicely frozen and firm for walking.

 So back to inspiring blogs, I followed Lynne's post from The Patcherie Menagerie to this paragraph.  I do think that art is much more dependent on work than inspiration.  I think just starting is more than half the battle.  

I want to commit to at least a weekly exercise in creativity.  I read this post this morning and followed through her journey of creating bundles.  I could go in my sewing room and easily create half a dozen bundles.  I'm always bringing home bits of stuff from my daily walks to the post office, bits of "treasures", interesting sticks, bits of glass, rocks, debris.  My excuse is a collecting materials for a mosaic wall of some sort.  Creating bundles would be an interesting exercise.  

I'll mull it over some more and come up with something to do...probably on a weekly basis...     

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