Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good things come to those who wait, and wait, and...

Back around Thanksgiving, I was the proud winner of a Go Baby on Victoria's blog.  My forum friends congratulated me...I bragged that I had won it at the longarm meeting.  Then nothing!  I waited a couple of weeks and contacted Victoria.  

She was surprised, and contacted Accuquilt for whom she had done the promotional giveaway.  I found out I got to pick three dies, selected my dies, and waited a while longer.  Nothing!  Then it was the holidays, and somehow my prize got lost in the holiday shuffle of emails.  

Finally my Go Baby was on its way...but wait, they sent it to Victoria instead of me, and she had to ship it to me herself.  Yesterday while we were walking to the post office FedEx delivered my prize.  I had left a note asking them to leave the package at the back door with a signature, and hoped that I'd be back before they delivered.  Usually deliveries from UPS and FedEx come late in the day in Willard.  We saw the FedEx truck going to our place and then on the highway as we were walking home.

Finally!  It looks like a wonderful tool.  I cut some tumbler blocks.  I'll have to play around more with it to figure out how to minimize the waste on the sides.  Looks like a great tool which should save on cutting of repetitive pieces. 

The weather has turned to winter again with a bit of snow, and gray clouds.  Good for cooking and quilting. 

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