Monday, January 16, 2012

Bright finish

At last year's retreat in Phoenix I got a bunch in fabric, blocks, etc.  These unfinished blocks came together for this bright quilt.  Hope it won't keep some child up at night!

 I put it together with some bright frog fabric I had, and a really bright flannel stripe for the back. 
 Used a frog panto for the quilting.  It's nice to build quilts from other's UFOs.
I need all this brightness because today it is cloudy and raining a bit.  We still have a patch of snow at the back of the house, on the north side.  It's melting and turning into mini lakes which thaw and freeze, but the ground won't absorb's too cold and saturated.  I scored a pair of lined jeans from LL Bean at Savers yesterday--so bring on the cold!

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