Friday, July 30, 2010

Spa Quad finished

Dr. Kaufman gave me quite a bit of fabric on one of my quilt deliveries, and I was able to use them for some quilts.  This is the first finished Spa Quad, along with a couple of added blue fat quarters to the ones she gave me.  It is only half the pattern, and made a good size lap quilt for a kid.  Pat and I cut this one out and put together each quarter block on the last morning of the retreat.  I thought there might be some issues in putting it altogether, since I'm not a very exacting piecer, so I did that after I got home.  There were no problems even though we had each done half the blocks.

We've seen this little horned lizard around in the front yard, and then he took refuge on the ramp under the covered entry to our front door.  He let me get very close.  I love the patterning and coloring on this guy.  I hope he eats bigger bugs like centipedes which I don't enjoy in the least!

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