Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quilting retreat

I've been in Show Low, AZ since Wednesday afternoon, and what a great, productive long weekend it has been.  

The star of the show has been "Spa Quads" which no matter how slowly you try to enunciate it, sounds like Spock Wads.  Star Trek anyone?  I printed this pattern before I left home, and Pat had fabric that fit the pattern so well she decided to make it.  It is destined to be a rather large baby quilt.  Pat doesn't love the retro fabrics, but everyone else loves it. 

 I used vintage fabrics to make a smaller one which I will border to make it a little wider.  I've also managed to finish my oriental lanterns, and make two more tops with donated ocean themed pinwheels.   I will have lots of quilt tops to keep me busy once I get home. 

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