Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Post storm skies

We've been getting our monsoon rains, and for the last several days have had mostly cloudy days.  The moisture is always welcome though it frequently comes in torrents.  This afternoon was one such torrent which made little pools of water.

The reward was a lot of beautiful clouds and that wonderful, fresh, moist air.  Fortunately our temperatures have been milder since I don't do heat + humidity too well.

Back in the spring when my dad was still here we got a shed to help relieve some of the "stuff" in the garage, and organize things better.  Dale has reclaimed the open space between the vehicles, and now has ample room to work on either one.  There was always a pile of things occupying that area.

You can see the water from today's downpour.  Dale created a little gravel landing around the shed, and to the west he frequently puts a chair out and watches the sunsets.

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