Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have flight!

For the past several days I thought our babies were about ready to leave the nest.  I've been keeping a close watch in case one of them happened to fall out instead of flying out.  There was a lot of preening and wing stretching going on.  They made me rather nervous when they would teeter on the edge of the nest flapping wildly to get back in.

Early this morning I heard some commotion, and one of the babies was on the roof of our entry.  I watched periodically for a while, and was able to see each of the other two take off in flight from the nest.  I was surprised at their purposeful flight.  The third one went to the middle of our road.  Not a good place for a baby bird, and after some time, I decided to see if it could fly back towards the house, or I would help get it somewhere up higher where it wouldn't be such a target.  Well, as I approached he took off and they are all fairly close to each other now, near or on the support for our satellite dish.

It sure has been great entertainment watching them.  I can't believe it's only been two weeks since they hatched out.  I also finished the pinwheel quilts.


sophie said...

I can't wait to live near trees again. It's going to mean much better bird watching for me (and the cats).

The pinwheel quilts look great ... ready for a pair of twins, maybe ;-)

Pat/SWquilter said...

They do look like twin quilts now that Sophie mentioned it - although I think they're targeted for Dr. K. at this point. I think you should feel free to pirate whatever you want for your twins however.

Glad the baby swallows are mobile now - boy they sure do change in looks pretty quickly, don't they?

Quiltdivajulie said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog re machine binding. I WILL TRY IT ... thanks SO much!