Friday, July 09, 2010

Snakes and finishes

Well, the snake didn't learn the lesson and returned to terrorize our swallows.  Swallows take precedence here, and Dale found three snakes, two in the pot, and a rather large one underneath.  They are no longer a problem!  

I finished the rust piece, and it will be delivered on Tuesday.  I had trouble using the rust dyed fabric for binding as well.  Too many layers and too much iron oxide to stitch through.  The needle had trouble penetrating through it all, but I got it done.  

Also finished the pinwheel quilts, and they are waiting in the dryer for photos.  We got some much needed rain the night before last, and spent the day yesterday in the yard weeding, dressing up old plants, and planting some new discounted plants from Wal-Mart.  Rearranged things by the front door--trying do away with snake habitat.   

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