Tuesday, July 06, 2010

blogging the process

I've read several posts in my blog hopping about showing or blogging about the process instead of just showing the finishes.  More about this "movement" here.  I've had an idea percolating for a while.  I wanted to make something for the physical therapy department at the VA.  I was fortunate enough to have a great therapist before my total knee surgery who worked with me trying to put off the inevitable, and now my husband is working with Sahreem on shoulder issues.  Since I had made some small quilty postcards for my knee surgeon and hand surgeon, I thought I should make something for PT as well.

I started with rust dyeing some fabric.  It went faster and got rustier than I expected.  I want to try again, and maybe with some clothing that I'm not particularly enamored with.  I love the organic color of it, though I was trying for just old looking, parchment like something.

So this is what has evolved.  Why the thistle on the left?  I don't know, I've been thinking about doing one in thread since they are blossoming all around now, and I wanted something with some color.  I've learned that I need to go bigger if I ever do another Vitruvian man.  It was hard to outline this small figure or even try to do any shading.  Not sure if I'll gift it to the intended recipient...we'll see.


Pat/SWquilter said...

I think you did a great job - amazing to think you did that on the longarm.

sophie said...

I like your man and the thistle. What does it say, "Don't rust just ..." what?