Friday, February 19, 2010

Surgery day

I'm backwards chronicling my surgery and few days at the hospital.  The surgery went fine although with a few hiccups at starting my IV by anesthesia again.  The ASU (Ambulatory Surgery Unit) nurse that stuck me for a type and cross match had no trouble, and thanked me for bringing my veins.  Unfortunately anesthesia didn't fare so well, and bruised my left arm up before just going for the antecubital vein on my right.  

Shortly after starting the IV, they must have really snockered me, because I remember slightly the femoral block they did, but nothing after that until I woke up in the same place (pre and post anesthesia are in one place).  I don't remember getting wheeled to the OR or if I moved myself onto the OR table or anything.  That's probably a good thing. 

Next thing I remember is being in a room and asking where my husband was.  The assessment by the surgeon and resident was that my knee was a lot worse than it appeared on I should have something good to work with now!

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