Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another couple of finishes

I got my Mimbres Bend completed.  It really isn't wonky at the top, just a result of the holder upper.  I used wool batting, and it has a nice fluffiness and weight.  I still need to label it and the Frida quilt.

Dale decided he liked Frida in the proper orientation, and tucks the long bottom in at the foot of the bed.  We don't have as many cover issues with it tucked in at the foot.  Someone insists that I push all the covers over to his side, and that they then gain weight and start falling off.  Well, I've noticed that this happens even when I sleep in a different bed.  Draw your own conclusions!  

The bargello quilt is another donation quilt top from Judy H.  I tried out the Anasazi pantograph on it before using it on my Mimbres quilt. 

If I can get another one quilted, I'll have six more quilts to take to Dr. Kaufman when I go in for my preop appointment. 

I've started on the king size quilt for Jackie's wedding present.  I'm working with homespuns for the first time, and am not loving it.  I'm sure the finished product will result in a cozy quilt, but uggghhh making enough twelve-inch blocks is going to take some time, and did I mention I'm going to be laid up healing from a total knee replacement?

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phxsbrowns said...

Hilda-Happy birthday--and good luck on your surgery!!!!