Monday, February 22, 2010

Hospital food, UGH!

They have a well-deserved bad rep.  I'm not the typical person when it comes to food.  I believe in fresh, simple, ingredients.  Somehow this is not possible at the VA hospital.  The vegetables are canned or frozen.  I was on a salt and sugar restricted diet, and wasn't even given salt substitute!

I don't eat canned fruits, not even the ones I can for my family.  I do can our peaches with a low sugar syrup.  I prefer tart, crisp, apples.  Lindsay and Dale brought me some fruits, oranges, crisp apples, and Dr. Kaufman stopped for a visit with a most welcome basket of Starbucks  instant coffee and a wonderful whole wheat pecan cranberry bread.  I didn't exactly starve, but was more than ready to get back home.  I got my CPM machine up to the requisite 90 degrees so that I could be released!

Monday, my discharge day, my lunch tray was graced with a fresh salad...first one of my stay.  The predominantly iceberg lettuce looked a little wilted, but I had been deprived.  I opened the diet French dressing, and it was such an awful artificial color that I couldn't do it.  Dale moved the tray, the dressing spilled on the bedside tray table and stained the faux wood.  It spilled on the floor and stained the linoleum when Dale tried to wipe it up.  Also stained the plastic lid to the linen cart that it happened to get on.  And they think I should ingest this?  Thanks but a little lemon or lime juice would have been preferable.

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