Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Reconnecting, Letterman, etc.

Sunday we took the train to Glen Cove, Long Island.  It wasn't too far to walk to the Jamaica station...and we made it just in time to hop the train.  Nice to be traveling above ground. 

We spent the day with and old friend of my mom's.  In the afternoon we went to Sea Cliff Mini-Mart, but the rainy weather had put a bit of a damper on the festivities.  It was nice to get out.

Monday we had tickets for the taping of the Letterman Show!  We went early to the city.  I wanted to make a stop at Delancey Station on the F train to photograph some mosaics we had seen on our previous rides.
This orchard was on the northbound side of the station.  The fish were on the southbound side.  As is so common, there was someone entertaining us with music at the station, a guitar and pan pipes.
The mosaic work was magnificent, and I would have loved to have more time to explore the art work in the subway stations.  We did catch a glimpse of one station with lots of mosaic tile hats.

I had found "Vintage Thrift" and thought we could check it out before the show, have some lunch, and make our way to the Ed Sullivan Theater.  I should have called.  We discovered it was closed for the Columbus Day holiday after we walked quite a bit to get there.
We walked by Home Depot--not like any other Home Depot storefront I've seen before!  We were able to direct some folks there that stopped and asked if we knew where it was.  

We started heading towards the Ed Sullivan theater.  Picked a lunch spot, Heartland Brewery, and had a good lunch.  Discovered we had eaten at the ground floor of the Empire State Building when we left! 

We continued walking after lunch in order to be there at the appointed time to get our tickets.  After getting our tickets, we killed some time Bagel & Bean, across the street, until we had to return to the theater.   Reasonably priced coffee drinks and a sweet roll revived us.  We weren't lacking excitement for the show.  We saw "Jungle" Jack Hanna outside and a baby tiger and snow leopard at the side street entrance up close before we had to line up.  It was really fun!

Our day ended with dinner at Ipanema, a Brazilian restaurant, after walking through Times Square.  What an unbelievable spectacle!  We truly stood there just gawking for a long time.  

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