Friday, October 12, 2012

Our last day in NYC!

 Our last day in NY we spent going to where I grew up.  My mom worked as a housekeeper, and we lived in a number of places, but I have lots of memories of living in Dobbs Ferry.  We lived at this home for quite a while. 
This view shows the second story windows of our rooms, above the kitchen.  

I have fond memories of living at this house.  The property backs into a golf course, and I used to cut through the golf course on the way to school, which is now a middle and high school. 

 We also lived here for a while.  This house had a dumbwaiter, which always gave me the creeps to walk by--since it was frequently where they put the dead bodies in the movies of my childhood.

 It was a very nostalgic trip.  Across from this house were three "new" homes.  It used to be just woods.  My mom and I left NY and moved to California in 1964.  Today would have been her 88th birthday.  

We returned to the city and decided for one more trip on the Staten Island Ferry to see the lights at night.  It was another late night, but we got our money's worth out of the city!

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