Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little fobot

Dale helped me make this little fobot for Pat's birthday.  I convinced her to leave him here--I'll take good care of it until she moves here.  It's my favorite we've made so far.
Monday we had to spend another day in town.  More shopping, and we got some great deals on fabric at JoAnn's.  
Pat started these ballerina pizzazz quilts on her previous visit.  She added borders to them, and I started quilting them. 
 She made this row quilt with the leftovers.  Let's hope there are a lot of budding ballerinas out there. 

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Kitty Nikolai said...

Darling little robot!! Did you know that the name "Fobot" is actually trademarked and is owned by Amy Flynn of Fobots"? Have you seen her work? She's amazing.

I have collected odd parts to try to make some robots with my son. Amy was just at a big show at Ft. Mason in SF, it was great to see her creations!

Anyway, nice work! You have a sweet blog :).