Monday, October 08, 2012

More to see and do...

We went exploring Saturday.  I found a Fiber Festival in Brooklyn online, and using MTA trip planner we made it there.  It was a nice day and good to get out.  Nothing tempted me to purchase.  I did learn an important bit of need separate metro cards for each traveler.  We didn't understand why it ate more of my card when I passed it back to Lindsay to use on the subway.   

From there we went Rio Market, a Brazilian grocery store.  I was nice to hear conversations all in Portuguese.  I bought some biscoito--and if the shipping isn't outrageous, I may be ordering it online to have here in NM.

Once again lots of walking.  We had an early dinner at El Boqueron which wasn't too far from the Rio Market.  It was a great meal.

Because our intended subway was out on our way home, we walked to Grand Central Station.  

I have lots of memories of Grand Central Station.  We would always come into it from where we lived.  It's a beautiful station and Dale was impressed! 

I didn't know the Chrysler Building was so close.  Making a NY Beauty quilt is still on my to do list.

The tile work in the old subway station was awesome.     

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