Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Winter is here!

Saturday was the longarm meeting in Albuquerque and the roads between Willard and I-40 were not driver friendly, at least for this driver.  However, Dale was nice enough to drive me to the meeting, 80+ miles, and entertain himself with grocery shopping while I had a good time.  He came to pick me up just in time to enjoy our pot luck lunch.

We've had several snowy days now with freezing fog, blowing snow, and frigid temperatures.  The temperature above is after a low of -14, but the best part is the little sun symbol.  Our sun room is doing an amazing job of maintaining temperatures, although this morning it was a chilly 45 in there.  However after less than two hours of sunshine, it's already nearing 60.  On sunny days the temperatures easily top the 80s with the room open to the rest of the house.  It's performing much better than we expected.
Yesterday we finished trimming out the windows with drywall.  Today the plan is to clean up the drywall dust, and put up our Christmas tree. 
 I love the flocked trees outside from the freezing fog, but enjoy it more with sunshine!  A couple of days of freezing fog and blowing snow without sunshine was more than enough.  I need to turn on the heat in my sewing room so I can go out there. 

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