Friday, December 09, 2011


I was thrilled to hear from Dr. Kaufman that this quilt made over $5,000 in the raffle for JDRF.  I'm so happy that it did so well.  I can't thank my quilting buddies enough, and especially Colene, who gave me this top at last year's Phoenix retreat.  This is just the impetus I needed to keep making quilts for newly diagnosed kids.  Dr. K. also shared that she'd had 13 new patients in the past two weeks!  We remembered this past week, the "anniversary" of sorts when Lindsay was diagnosed 14 years ago at the tender age of 12.  Dr. K. is gifting her winning quilt to Lindsay.  
 We continue to enjoy a winter wonderland.  The snow isn't exactly melting with our cool temperatures, but it sure is a lot more tolerable with sunshine.  It hovered around freezing yesterday, but we were able to sustain comfortable temperatures without using heat and the house opened to the sunroom.

Back to the sewing room--I've had the heat on in there until the sun takes over in a couple of hours.  I'm inspired to get more quilts done for my next delivery. 

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