Monday, December 12, 2011

Robt I and Robot II

Jackie asked me to make robots for the boys--like one she saw in a magazine.  My first attempt wasn't it.  It resembles the magazine robot, but the head is floppy, and I just wasn't happy with it.  Of course I cut two at a time, so have arms and legs for another like this one.

I decided to use wool to make a different style of robot, after doing a lot of looking online.  First attempt with this design didn't work out either.  The wool was too thick and I couldn't sew through two thickeness of it.  This brown one is going to be it.  Now I just need to make another one just like it--well same size, shape, and body wool.  Will probably change up the face a bit.

I also saw this potholder, and was inspired to make one.  I thought the "girlie" western fabric was a good fit for the front.
I've been rather lucky this month entering blog giveaways...  I got my copy of Stitch Gifts today which I won from Jessica at j.m.b.   In my quick look at this magazine, there are a lot of projects I want to do. 

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