Saturday, December 24, 2011

And the snow continues...

It's certainly going to be a white Christmas here!  We had quail feeding in our carport where the feeder hangs, cleaning up all the fallen seed, plus whatever I throw on the ground for the ground feeders.  We've seen them passing through our yard but never feeding.  They must be really hungry to hang out for a long while--they left when I went outside to throw more seed on the ground, and then came back!

Wednesday was a momentary break in storms and we went to town.  We needed a few things, and I figured it would be our only opportunity.  They've done a great job of predicting these storms and were right on again.  It snowed Thursday, and yesterday it snowed all day.  Dale braved the weather, shoveled a path to the garage (sewing room) and within a couple of hours it filled in.  Highways closed again all around us!  He walked to the post office, and came home with my order from Keepsake Quilting.  Woo-hoo!

This last storm tracked more south, and so I-25 north of us was open and clear even on Raton Pass.  Looks like we may be able to get to Colorado!  I finished a couple of last minute sewing projects yesterday and baked bread.  I blogged about this bread here, and it has become my favorite bread recipe, always consistent.  Yesterday I substituted the butternut squash with sweet potato, and it came out just as good.  This weather is certainly great for baking!  Happy Holidays everyone!

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